November Drain

by Stunt Rock

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released June 30, 2016


November Drain

Recorded December 2011 through June 2016 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin by Stunt Rock during a long period of great personal tumult, creative exhaustion and psychic rebirth.

Mastered June 2016 by Joshua Jenquin in Madison, WI.



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Track Name: A New Kind of Selfie Stick That Is a Prescription for Anti-Anxiety Medication and Instructions for Asking Passerby to Take Your Photo.
Uh, the true picture of what goes on here... the emptiness, the spiritual bleakness, the... loss of meaning, the loss of purpose...
uh... (x20)

but uh... and uh... you know hopefully someday it will be gone (x4)
but uh... you know, realizing it and you know it's still there, and uh, you know, I accept it. You have to realize what, fully, what in fact you’ve been, uh, taught.

Uh, like, in my mind, in my mind, you can’t do certain things. It’s like, you know, when.. when you’re not financially stable, so much is going wrong, you’re not established career wise.

Yeah, I envision it... I envision myself being a lousy freeloader not able to take care of himself.

I don’t want to hold you, I don’t want to kiss you (x5)

See... see my brains like a... my whole life is like a whole jumble of pieces and mixed up puzzle pieces and missing puzzle pieces. Pieces that don’t fit.

and uh... you know hopefully someday it will be gone, but uh... (x4)

I don’t want to hold you, I don’t want to kiss you (x3)

Picking up the pieces (x10)

And um...
Someone said to me you can’t run from your shadow (X5)
All you wan’t to be before’s shallow
“Okay excuse me Mr. Rolling... Mr. Rolling...”
Down the path you choose to follow
“Mr. Rolling!”
So tell me baby, what were my words? All my tears run together
What were my words? All my tears run together baby, just like rain
“Okay you get one song and that’s it Mr. Rolling"
Track Name: "How to Properly Break Down a Cardboard Box for the Community Dumpster" and Other Classes I Can Teach the Oblivious Grown Adults in My Gated Community.
You know, life is… is... is... life is a conundrum. You can believe that. It’s so strange…
and it took me a long time to… (x5)

It’s called… it’s called “Modern Man in Search of a Soul… in Search of a Soul”

I mean, it’s so nasty and horrible, and everything’s piss and shit all over the place… which I don’t think I’d ever do again. I think I’d commit suicide next time.

Do not be swayed by sympathy, do not be swayed by fear. Today is responsibility day. Today is accountability day. If that means bad things may happen to you…

I don’t give a shit, you go out here and get fucked up, get beat up, run over. The pain that you feel don’t matter.